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Where We Place Skin First

We've got the expertise required to meet all your waxing needs - from eyebrows to legs, we have it all covered. We have a team of experts ready to help you look your best!

Female showcasing smooth legs after our waxing services


Welcome to Winter Haven’s first waxing center dedicated to wax services and just that. Because who wants to go to a salon where one person focuses on everything? Here at WH we focus on placing skin first by removing hair safely, effectively, and the most comfortable way possible. Our promise is to analyze and then educate every guest on their skin type, as well as giving you customary regimes to practice at home.​​

This is your skin--let's take care of it! Removing hair the correct way. Without any compromises.

We provide a broad range of waxing services and our specialists are highly trained and offer an excellent service.


There's no better way to learn about a great service than to get a recommendation from a friend. There’s absolutely no limit on the number of credits you can get, so tell as many friends as you like!

All About Skin!

Put that razor down and do your skin a favor. After your first visit we will provide you with a customizable skin regime to follow for clear and smooth skin.

Radiant females highlighting smooth skin with our waxing services

Wax Haven

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The Waxing Experts

We've got the expertise required to meet all your waxing needs. From eyebrows to legs, we have it all covered. We have a team of experts where your service will be provided by a qualified and licensed esthetician who have years of experience within the waxing industry to help you look your best!

Wax Haven has been providing the highest quality waxing services, with a focus on the customer's comfort and satisfaction. We're proud to be a trusted resource for hair removal in our community.

Our Location

Your New Wax Haven

New Wax Haven Expanded Location

Wax Haven has made it to 3 years y’all! I want to thank everyone in the community and other communities abroad for the continuous support of our minority driven business. Here at Wax Haven we have the best support! 


In honor of the three year mark, I wanted to celebrate our wins through a new website design. Been working on this for a year now and so excited to share.

There are more photos to come and excited to share new bodies in the future. Again thank you for your years of support with Wax Haven. Where we specialize in all skin and body types.

Follow us on social media to view our work and keep up to date with us! @WaxHavenWH

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