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A Vajacial is a revitalizing treatment that involves extraction of in-grown hairs, much needed exfoliation and removal of dead skin cells, smoothing bumps around the bikini line, aiding in the prevention of acne, and helping you maintain healthy, hydrated, and even-toned skin.


Why a Vajacial

Where We Place Skin First

Our bikini area needs love too. We often neglect our skin down below thinking soap and water is sufficient, and Wax Haven is here to let you know it is not enough!


Our skin in the bikini region needs to be hydrated and moisturized to combat hyperpigmentation and uneven skin texture. One of the first things to ensure that it happens is to treat what is under the skin causing the problem by extracting any ingrown hairs or pesky blackheads.


That is where a VAJACIAL will come into play.

What's included in a Vajacial?

Natural Cosmetics


Enzyme & Exfolients

Ridding dead skin to prep for extractions. Promotes cell turnover, diminishes scars, and discoloration




Removing hairs and blackheads embedded underneath the skin covered by dead skin.



High Frequency

Treats and prevents acne, shrink pores, detoxifies, and prevents ingrown hairs.



HydroJelly Masks

Soothes and hydrates, tones, and reduces inflammation to return skin back to its natural state.


Depending on your skin type and condition,  we will personalize the service to make sure your skin can handle this service after a wax. If there's a reaction we will have a guest return within 2-5 days depending on how their skin does after waxing. No deposit or extra fees to complete the VAJACIAL if we advise for someone to return at a later date.​

Thank you,

Wax Haven

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